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Water testing and river cleanup: The Braamfontein Spruit is the longest stream in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Braamfontein Spruit joins the Jukskei river which joins the crocodile river shortly before it enters Hartbeesport Dam.

X-Lab Earth has partnered with GCS and the Spruit River Clean Up to assess the water quality of the Braamfontein Spruit. X-Lab Earth, accredited by SANAS, to ISO/IEC 17025, specialises in environmental solutions for the earth, water, and air across Sub-Saharan Africa. We test, verify, and quantify environmental risk contaminants. X-Lab Earth will be sponsoring the water sample bottles as well as performing the relevant water testing on the Braamfontein Spruit.

Water testing and cleanup at the Spruit River

We were involved in the Spruit River Cleanup on 8 June 2019. Local volunteers arrived to help clean up the litter surrounding the riverbank. Water sampling was done by GCS and the water quality will be tested at X-Lab Earth Laboratory in Johannesburg. X-Lab Earth has agreed to complete the following water testing free of charge to help the community understand what the water quality is currently. Specifically:

  • Microbial Analysis including E. coli, Faecal coliform, Total coliform, TPC
  • ICP-OES full Metal Scan (28 – 30 metals)
  • Anions (F; Cl; NO3; NO2; SO4)
  • Ion Balance using the Alkalinity Test
  • Ammonia, Sulphide, Phosphate, Hexavalent Chromium, TDS, TSS, Turbidity, Colour, Soap/Oils/Grease, VOC’s, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

A strategy going forward

This water testing initiative is important, it ensures we can all have a cleaner environment and access to safe water since 65% of our nation’s drinking water is provided by rivers and streams. Typically, a few tons of rubbish ends up in our rivers and streams every year. Besides this being a huge eyesore it leads to contamination of our rivers which affects the health of the river and well-being of the river ecosystems. Through water testing, we can identify the best approach going forward.

This will be an ongoing venture between GCS, the Spruit River Cleanup and X-Lab Earth. We will keep you updated on our water testing findings and activities and the next river cleanup outing.

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