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Cleaning up rivers and wetlands in your area

Environmental sustainability is not nearly as hard as it sounds. Everyone and anyone can get involved in cleaning up their habitat. Why not arrange with your local community, schools and businesses to get together on a weekend once every three months to do a “clean-up” of your rivers, parks and wetlands in your area. This great for building community spirit and assists in looking after a small part of the planet. Make a positive impact by not only cleaning the area and making it look nice but also making sure that the environment stays healthy and fertile for the area’s micro-ecosystem. By doing a “clean-up” you can ensure that everything picked up on the day gets recycled: glass, cans, plastics, paper and textiles. This also includes the bags and gloves you use. Arrange with a recycling company to be present on the day to see what is recyclable.

Environmental sustainability is trending

The #trashtag challenge movement has gone viral recently. All it requires is a before photo of a trash ridden area and then an after photo once you’ve cleared all the litter. It’s a simple movement showing how anyone can get involved. So instead of only sharing pictures of what others have done on social media, why not get involved in environmental sustainability by making a small impact yourself. Your contribution can be as simple as picking up litter while you walk through the street or park or volunteering for area clean-ups.

So instead of wondering what you can do to help the environment, why not go out there and start small! Promoting environmental sustainability is something we’re all capable of doing. If you need help developing a sustainable environmental solution, give us a call. We offer a range of tests for water, soil and air analysis.